Anna-Nina Kovalenko painter, graphic artist, writer, performer, curator. Born in a family of Old Believers in the village of Sidoryonkovo in western Siberia. Studied at the State Institute of Cinematography (1965–68). Worked for Siberian TV and local miners newspapers (Belovo, Kemerovo). Back to Moscow: trained as an artist under Alexei Maximov (1970s). Member of the Moscow Independent Artist Association (1979–86). Joined a peace movement, became a member of the “Trust” group, met young artists (hippies)  and organized underground shows with them, the most significant event of which was show/demonstration “Art is Stronger than Bombs” (1986) ended by mass arrests and destroying art works.

Engaged in solo activism for peace, leading to physical assaults, arrest, imprisonment and incarceration in a psychiatric hospital, where she was forcibly injected with drugs used for physical destroying. Released from hospital after signing a document promising to leave the Soviet Union within six days (end of 1986). Awarded political asylum by the US Embassy in Moscow and moved with her daughter to New York (1987).

Participant of many exhibitions in New York, New Jersey, Chicago (USA) and European towns. Member of the Salon des Indépendants in Paris (1989–2000), European Art Group in France (1997–99), Salon Art Senior (M-me A. Grimaldi) in Monaco. 1999-2014 recipient of diplomas and medals from Fédération Nationale de la Culture Françaisе.

Member of Russian Writers Club (New York) since 1984 г. Member of  American Pen Center  Author of novels, stories and essays published in Russian language in Russia (“Day and Night” - Krasnoyarsk, “North”- Murmansk, “Fires of Kusbass” -Kemerovo, “Dvorzovaya, 26” - St-Patersburg), Europe (“Bridges” “Literature European” - Frankfurt), USA (“Slovo-Word” - New York), stories and few books in English (“Absinthe” – Michigan; “Xlibris” – Indiana)

Lives and works in New York.



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