Dina Perepelitsky was born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine in a big and close Jewish family.

She was born to this world not alone, but with her twin sister Lena.

Dina got a bachelor degree in radio-electronics and computer science. She received her master degree in geophysics from Ivano-Frankovsk University of Oil and Gas. She did an extensive research and field work as a geophysicist.

Dina and her family left Ukraine for United States of America. The family came in USA in political refugee status in 1988. Started from “ground zero”, Dina was able to reach her American dream. She lives in Millburn, New Jersey with her family. She is a Vice President of the one of the oldest and biggest banks in USA. Dina is animal lover. She is taking care for the dog Avva and cat Murka. All Dina’s pets have been rescued. Her rabbit Hopper lived his happy life in the family for 12.4 years, which is equal to 124 human years. Dina values and understands sense of humor.

She always liked to write. In June 2014 Dina’s first book “How we ate our grandma” was published.

This funny and sometimes not so funny book is about twin sisters Dina and Lena childhood in Kiev.

The first presentation of the book was in New York jazz club “Zinc” and it was a big success.

She was presenting the book in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Maryland, Minnesota. All copies of the book have been sold out. Dina’s book is in the catalog of Princeton University Library and New York City Grand Central Library.

Dina is working on translation of the book to English.

This is what the theatrical producer Mikhail Galkin wrote :

“Thank you for having new wonderful author, which was missed by kids and adults for many years. Thank you - because of Dina’s short novels, the real life of our parents and grandparents would not be forgotten. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to touch and feel that almost forgotten time and get immense pleasure of that experience. Dina must continue writing and give us the joy of reading her stories, but the most important is to publish her books. We have so many people who do not even realize what are they missing and Dina’s responsibility to give them this joy too…”

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