Irena Ssance is an author of the conceptual poetry and prose, a member of the Union «Writers of the XXI century», an artist, musician, image-maker, art-style expert. Her book «Seven Letters of the Muse to a Stranger», poetic books «An Inspiration Carrying», «Moscow. Milan. Miami» have already gained their readership. In 2015, Irena Ssance was nominated for the annual awards of the Russian Writers Union: «The Legacy» (2016) (established by the Russian Imperial House) and «Poet of the Year 2015».

«This is me» is a poetry book, which includes some selected poems of the previously published, which have been translated into English and German. It is a great opportunity for the reader who wants to meet and get in touch with the works of the author. There are such meetings with the people who are never accidental. A Fairy, a Muse, a Goddess, an Angel —so Irena Ssance is called by those who have been lucky enough to talk to her personally or meet with her through her works. The atmospheric art messages, «The Eternal Values», — in such way, the author describes everything what she creates. Whether it is poetry, prose, paintings, jewelry, stylish images, fashion design or literary-musical art salons.

Due to the translations, the melodious poems by Irena Ssance have been sounded in English and German.The best-known translators Olga Denisova, Natalia Lichtenfeld, who are the authors of many translated books published in the West, have shown all the facets of the bright gift of the poet named Irena Ssance.



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