E. V. Svetova grew up in Moscow during the 70-80s, having had a chance to experience both the security and the subjugation of the totalitarian state: in retrospect, a winning combination of a happy childhood and a subversive youth.
She received a classical fine arts training, and a university degree in English, but just as it was her time to become a productive member of society, the country she knew fell apart at the seams. She found work as a translator and later as a writer for an international newspaper.
Moscow in the 90s was like Berlin in the 20s: dangerous, vibrant and exciting. At some point it became too exciting for her blood, and after the second coup d’état in 1993 she came to live in the States. She has considered herself a New Yorker ever since.
These days, she lives with her human mate, her canine child, and her large collection of David Bowie memorabilia in New York City, next to the last natural forest on the island of Manhattan.



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