Larissa Grabois is a soprano soloist and a pianist, and a music therapy student at the John J. Cali School of Music at Montclair State University, where she’s a member of three different national collegiate honor societies. In 2013, Ms. Grabois has sung romances with lyrics by Pushkin at the Nicholas Roerich Museum, as well as represented the Pushkin Society in America at the “Pushkin Wreath Concert” at Russian House "Rodina" in Howell, NJ. She also sang at the International Rachmaninoff Festival at the same venue. As part of the Days of Russian Culture, Ms. Grabois collaborated in a musical performance with a notable singer of Russian Romances Vyacheslav Motsardo from Russia in a program “An Evening of Russian Romances.”  Larissa’s vocal repertoire also includes selections in Italian, English, Hebrew, Spanish, Korean and Chinese. She sings in a variety of genres: classical, opera, Broadway, and crossover with pop, and has released several CDs. In September 2013, Larissa has performed at a large County Festival in Bergen County, NJ. Also, she was recently a prize winner at a talent competition in Villa Roma, a famous resort in the Catskills in upstate NY. On the piano, Ms. Grabois performs classical and easy listening selections. She enjoys entertaining at children’s and adult’s parties, and volunteers with kids with special needs, and is a member of “Sing for Hope,” an organization whose mission is to transform underprivileged communities in New York City through music.  


“Pushkin’s Wreath” Concert:

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