Lidia Chepovetsky was born in Kiev, Ukraine.

She has a Master’s Degree as a designer mechanical engineer and worked for numerous industrial companies in Ukraine and later in the United States.

In 1988 she left with her family Soviet Union to start a new life in America. As a child she didn’t know that she had a gift as an artist. It took her some time and life experience to realize that she needed to share her vision of the beauty of life with the world around her.

Once, when her daughter was 12 Lidia noticed that she had a gift to paint and enrolled her into Rudy DePaoli’s Art Studio in Brooklyn, New York. She also decided to try it herself and spent time with her daughter. After a while her daughter quit the class, but for her the new passion of life started. After spending a couple of years in Rudy DePaoli’s Art Studio Lidia realized she had to move on and started to take classes at the Art Students League of New York  where she had opportunity to learn from world-famous artists and extremely skillful instructors.  

In her paintings she tries to utilize natural radiant light of everything that surrounds her life and she hopes all her paintings show her love for nature and people.

Lidia successfully participated and won prizes in shows of Art Student League of New York, Brooklyn Art Festival, Park Slope Historical Show and Conference House Artistic Show.

She participated in permanent exhibitions in the following galleries: Ward-Nasse Gallery in Soho, New York, Opus Gallery in Cleveland, Ohio and Interart Gallery in Huntington, New York. She had a few personal shows: Hoboken Public Library, Parsippany library, The Museum of Russian Art (MoRA)

A lot of her paintings were sold by different galleries and shows to the private collettors.



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