Ludmila Sharga (South-russian Union of Writers). Poet, novelist, essayist.  She was born in Russia. She has a university degree. Lives and works in Odessa.

The winner of the XV International Literary Contest "Pushkinskaya Lyra" (2005, New York), winner of the A. Mickiewicz Literary Award (2006), the International Literary Festival "Slavic tradition-2009", the name of literary prizes "Young Guard" (2009) and " Slavic Traditions "(2010).

Currently heads the department of poetry in literary and artistic "Southern Lights" magazine.  The journal was founded in 2011 and is the official publication of the South Russian Union of Writers.

Site editor, founder and leader of literary salon «Diligans».
She has publications: in the Odessa poetry anthology "Cenozoic Twilight" (2008), in the anthologies "Patron and Peace. Odessa Pages "(2008, Moscow)," LitEra "(Moscow)," his version "(Lugansk)," Province "(Zaporozhye)," UMC "(Odessa), in the magazine" Southern Lights "(Odessa)," Don "(Rostov-on-Don)," Renaissance "(Kiev)," Art noise "(Dnepropetrovsk)," Night and Day "(Krasnoyarsk), in the newspapers" Literary Gazette "(Moscow)," Literature and life "( Kiev), "intellectual" in the online journal "Avroropolis", "Living", "45th parallel", "Educational program" and others.

Author of prose and poetry collections "Adam's Rib" (2006), "On the thawed Memory" (2008), "ticket in autumn day" (2010), "a stone's throw ..." (2011), "The Story of a falling apple" ( 2013), "apple dreams" (2014), "Nightly news story" (2015).



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