Natalia Asenkova - real name is Tamara Aleksandrovna Khaylenko-whereas Natalia Asenkova is literary pseudonym, which this Russian author assumed to honor an almost forgotten yet very talented Russian actress Varvara Asenkova (1817-1841)Tamara-Natalia was born and grew up in the city of Alma-Ata(presently Almaty),the capital city of the former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan. Her father, originally from Siberia, was sent there after the end of WW2 to take on a high administrative position. Tamara  finished high school with silver medal and entered the State University of Kazakhstan named after S.M.Kirov. In 1971 she graduated from the University's Department of  Philology. She initially started her studies at the University Department of Physics to a great dismay of her literature teachers. However, at the end, her teachers proved to be right and literature had won, crushing any hesitations she may have had deep down in her soul. She stopped studying Physics, joined the literary Parnassus, and remained there ever since. Tamara-Natalia started writing at the age of twelve with the encouragement and blessing of her maternal grandmother, who was tenaciously trying to find out if Tamara possessed finesse to become a musician, a ballet dancer, a poetess, an actress or had any other talent of some kind. Often, grandma read aloud and acted out the literary pieces for Tamara and her elder sister. This very light image of grandma is forever imprinted in this writer's Natalia Asenkova memory. After having graduated from the University, Tamara went to Leningrad(presently St.Petersburg), a beautiful city on the Neva river. This city was also the cradle of literary Russia, where the most famous Russian writers has been creating their masterpieces for nearly three centuries. It was in this city that her own literary carrier started quite turbulently after she wrote a novel "The Reckoning of the Individuality". In 1973,Tamara-Natalia bravely walked into the Publishing House of Neva magazine and offered her manuscript for publication. Alas,the fate of this daring and apolitical novel, which challenged the law of bureaucracy, governing the soviet society, turned out to be quite tragic. It was published in the magazine NORTH in Petrozavodsk city (Karelia,Russia) only in 2003!Thirty years after it has been written...This novel had whole history. Tamara-Natalia show her novel to famous Russian writer and literary critic Vladimir Lakshin, who took a lot of put  find the best way to published "Master and Margarita" by Mikhael Bulgakov. Laksin very like this novel, but explain for better wait other political life in Russia! Tamara-Natalia worked in Leningrad as a high school teacher. In 1989 she immigrated to the US with her husband Yuri Osterfeld,a tour guide, and with two son, Mikhael and Aleksander.Sadly,in America, her family did not hold together for moral and material reasons, and she ended up being alone.. But she said to herself: "The writer's journey is strewn with thorns! Perhaps, it is not unlike the road to Golgotha!", and went back to her creative work, which, of course, she has never given up completely. While in America, she have published a lot of books...In present, she continue her creative works, having set the goal for herself, which is the same for all those working in the field of art- to change the world and make it more beautiful, more honest and more humane. She cannot say with certainly if these laborers of literature and art had succeeded in this undertaking so far. However, with strong faith, rooted deeply in her soul, she only reiterate that the world must change for the better, and as Tolstoy had said once, "Art is one of the tools that unite people!"



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