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Lidia Chepovetsky was born in Kiev, Ukraine.

In 1988 she left with her family Soviet Union to start a new life in America. As a child she didn’t know that she had a gift as an artist. It took her some time and life experience to realize that she needed to share her vision of the beauty of life with the world around her.

Alexander Dudorov, an artist, is a member of the Russion Federation Artists Trade Union. Was born in 1963 in settlement Konosha of the Arkhangelsk area. Since the childhood Alexander is fond of music, the literature and art . In 1986 Alexander graduated from The Polytechnical University of Saint Petersburg and now is the employee of faculty of design and drawings.

By present time ten personal exhibitions of his works have taken place in Russia. The artist took part in group exhibitions in Russia, Europe and America, and also in exhibitions in Arkhangelsk "Brodsky's Universe" of a project «The Petersburg seasons in Norinskaya».

More than 700 works of the artist are in private collections in Russia and abroad, some pictures were bought by museums of Russia. Alexander is a Finalist of INTERNATIONAL ART FESTIVAL 2014 and 2015 in New York.

His painting is a mixture of colors and styles, « … painting can be anything, but boring … ».

Watch his works here and here

Sergey Hollerbach is a Russian born artist who has studied at Munich Academy of Fine Arts, Art Students League in New York, and the American Art School in New York. He is a member of the National Academy of Design, the American Watercolor Society, the Allied Artists of America, the Audubon Artists, and the National Society of Painters. Hollerbach has also been elected to the Dolphin Fellowship.

Marina Kashirskaya was born in Moscow. Attended art school before graduating from Moscow Technological Institute, department of Fine Arts and Costume Design. Worked as a designer at atelier “Kuznetskiy Most”.

In 2002-2008 Marina was the head style director for the following brands - “Emperor Moth”, “Mia Shvili”, and “Chik, Blesk, Krasota” (Moscow, London, NYC.) She also designed a small jewelry collection based on combination of different metals.

Elena Golovanova-Starenko works as a graphic artist, illustrator, decorator, stylist, restorer, and journalist. She deals with hand-written manuscript books, where she performs as both literature, text author and illustrator. In addition, Elena is a custodian of a collection of vintage clothing dating from 1950-1980.

Elena has been a member of Creative Union of Artists of Russia, since 2015, she is a member of NWU, member of the Pushkin Society in America, and a participant of the art-project “Jazz Across Culture.”

Yelena Kimelblat says: "I never painted before in my life and couldn't even imagine that I would start. The root of my creativity stems from a desire to live a long life free from unhappiness, awe before the awesome beauty of the natural world and the desire to include this beauty within my own life and say to others "I see it this way!" Significant role in my artistic development is playing close friendship with People Artist of Ukraine, Academic Mikhail Turovsky. "Inspiration is contagious - once inspired you are capable of anything."

Nina Kossman, artist and writer, was born in Moscow. She has been writing poetry and prose in English and in Russian for many years. In the last few years she has been writing plays also. In 1995 Nina received a UNESCO/PEN short story award, and in 1999 she received an NEA translation fellowship.

Alyona Makeeva is a designer and illustrator living and working in New York. More then ten years ago she started creating commercial illustrations.
In Summer of 2015 she created a series of illustrations for Barnes & Noble to be used in the new extensions in their Atlanta and Dallas locations, a beauty product department named “Glossary”. Alyona developed the style and content for twenty hand-painted illustrations on beauty portraits and cosmetic products, executed in watercolor and ink. These illustrations became a part of the permanent beauty bar environment, as decor as well as on the items themselves.
Alyona’s passion is characters’ portraits and city scenes. For years she has been creating series of portraits of characters who served her as inspiration and role models. She executed over 20 ink and watercolor portraits of actors, writers, singers and film directors. Each portrait is a reflection of her own vision of this individual: how she sees them through her eyes. Her city scenes are in a way is “fantasy world within reality”, where colors clash and come outside the lines. She tries to see familiar faces and places in a new perspective.
Alyona Makeeva is an artist and living and working in New York. Was born and raised in St. Petersburg, graduated from Pratt Instituted, Industrial Design with Master’s degree. She studied art in Russia, US, Italy, and Denmark. She created original illustrations for Stagebill, Black Book Magazine, Ritz Carlton Hotel, Ipolita, Barnes & Noble to name a few.

Natalia Maks is artist, photographer, teacher

Natalia graduated from the Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design with MFA in 1996, and immigrated to United States the same year.

Since that time she explored various design and artistic avenues: managed the interior design, and textile design projects, created the stage design for various local productions. She run “ Fort Lee Art Studio” from 1997-2002 in Fort Lee, NJ offering art classes and various design services.

Starting 2001, Natalia started to teach Visual Art at public schools in NJ, and currently teaching several art courses at Cliffside Park High School.

Being a versatile artist, Natalia still searching and exploring new methods and techniques in Visual Arts: she treats such medias as photography and digital art as an additional opportunity to project her artistic perspectives in this world.

Since 1994, Natalia Maks participated in number of solo and group exhibits in Russia, Germany, and USA.  

Aneta Meiman graduated from the Suricov Art school.

She is journalist, autor, radio host at TV VIDIO LAND (Russian Radio NADEZHDA).

Artist: painter, graphic at Free Lance.

Evgueni Tonevitski is quickly becoming one of the most talked about and fascinating artists in the fashion industry. Basically, he is the Symbolist who works with ink, pen, oil, and acrylic. Though, his main symbol is an image of Woman, his latest exhibit at the Jewish Folk Gallery "Fly to the Star" depicts the new symbols the creative Master came up with.

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