Natalia Maks is artist, photographer, teacher

Natalia graduated from the Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design with MFA in 1996, and immigrated to United States the same year.

Since that time she explored various design and artistic avenues: managed the interior design, and textile design projects, created the stage design for various local productions. She run “ Fort Lee Art Studio” from 1997-2002 in Fort Lee, NJ offering art classes and various design services.

Starting 2001, Natalia started to teach Visual Art at public schools in NJ, and currently teaching several art courses at Cliffside Park High School.

Being a versatile artist, Natalia still searching and exploring new methods and techniques in Visual Arts: she treats such medias as photography and digital art as an additional opportunity to project her artistic perspectives in this world.

Since 1994, Natalia Maks participated in number of solo and group exhibits in Russia, Germany, and USA. 



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