Alexander Rees was born in Moscow, Russia, in 1941.  He was educated at the Gnesin Institute (now called the Russian Academy of Music), one of the world’s most prominent music conservatories, where he received his Doctorate degree and embarked on a music career. Dr. Rees became a professor of viola and chamber music at the same institute, where he trained hundreds of students who have become well-known professors in music conservatories, solo artists, and performers in major orchestras all over the world.  Dr. Rees performed as a soloist, conductor, and chamber musician. He played with prestigious chamber groups, such as the Borodin String Quartet, Svyatoslav Richter chamber ensemble, Madrigal Baroque Ensemble, and many others.  He toured extensively in the former Soviet Union and Europe.
In 1993 Dr. Rees immigrated to America and settled in New York City. He has continued his music career as a solo and chamber musician as well as an orchestra player with various orchestras such as the Brooklyn Philharmonic, St. Luke’s, Westchester Philharmonic and others, on major stages such as Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center.  He teaches viola and chamber music at Fordham University, Thurnauer School of Music and in his own private studio.
Alexander has made first attempts as an artist in his teens. Since that time, he has spent his life producing sketches and paintings, hidden from the public for many years, by choice, existing only in a few private collections. At the end of 2003, Dr. Rees published his book Moscow-New York-Moscow, which was very successful at the International Exhibition of Non-Fiction Books in Moscow, and highlights his large series of landscapes of these two great cities. After the publication of his book, Dr. Rees decided to open his works to the public for viewing and sale. Soon he has been offered several personal and group exhibitions in tri-state area including The Museum of Contemporary Russian Art in New Jersey. His works can be found in private collections in Austria, England, Holland, USA, Russia and Israel. Over the years, articles considering his artwork have appeared in different US-Russian media such as the New Russian Word, and others. He has also been interviewed at Russian Television Network’s (RTN) talk shows. The Caprice of Destiny, a Moscow printed almanac, containing selections of works of famous Russian writers, artists, poets, and critics, including such names as Alexander Mezirov and Naum Korzavin, Sergey Dovlatov and Dina Rubina, Vladimir Voinovich and Viktor Nekrasov, has dedicated an article to Dr. Rees titled: “Musician and Artist - Alexander Rees”
Dr. Rees is a member of the International Academy of Sciences, Education, and Arts (Was elected in United States Branch in 2003). In 2008 he has been accepted as a member of professional artist union of Russia. Alexander Rees is also a member of “Pleiades Gallery of Contemporary Art” in Chelsea (NY City).




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