The Pushkin and Immigration Project is dedicated to exploring the sites of organizations and activities named after Alexander Pushkin in the United States. We started the archeographic project on historical postcards together with “Northern Cross”, a publishing company. One edition is devoted to the topic of Alexander Pushkin in America. The edition contains attached photographs of the oldest Russian immigrant members of our organization and a portrait of Dr. Catharine Lodyjensky.

On November 17, 2010, a presentation took place at the Brooklyn Public Library. The complete set of cards can be purchased at the No. 21 bookstore, which is located at 174 5th Ave in New York City. You can contact them at the following telephone number: 212-924-5477.

In 2013, during the celebration of the 77th anniversary of the Pushkin Society in America, we decided to try and created a monument to Pushkin in Manhattan and a Pushkin Place plate; the plate was dedicated to the 80th anniversary of our organization in 2015. Yuriy Sandulov, the president of Northern Cross, created a new series of postcards showing the work of Russian immigrant artists in the United States. They represented the importance of Pushkin’s iconic status in various ways.

In 2013, a postcard, published by the Pushkin Society in America, illustrating a photograph of a Pushkin bust by N.V. Dimitriev, a sculptor, was discovered in our archive. Dimitriev sculpted the first monument of the poet in the United States; the monument opened in Jackson, N.J. We believe that it was the Pushkin bust exhibited at Carnegie Hall and the International House during Pushkin’s memorable Jubilee in 1937.




Mr. Bogolyubov at the

monument to Pushkin.

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Presidents of the Pushkin Society

1. Boris Brasol, founder    (1935 -1963)

2. Gregory Mesniaeff         (1963 -1967)

3. Semen Bogolubov         (1967 -1971)

4. Serge Woyciechowski   (1971 - 1973)

5. N. Baklanova-Bozhak   (1973 - 1995)   6. Catherine Lodyjensky   (1995 - 2009)

7. Victoria Kurchenko    (2009 - present)