Mark Belitsky
Mark Belitsky

April 29th at 2 pm.

The Pushkin Society in America presents a musical event featuring Mark Belitsky.
Mr. Belitsky, a poet and song writer, was born in Leningrad. He emigrated to America in 1975 and began to write poetry in adulthood.

He is a member of the club of Russian Writers of New York , member of the Pushkin society in America, participant in radio and television broadcasts, and has performed at The Russian Tearoom where he was presented by poet Evgeny Reyne.

Mark Belitsky will perform his own songs, talk about his creative process and encounters with well-knownartists. Event also includes an art exhibition.

Address: New Utrecht Library

1743 86th str., Brooklyn, NY 11214

Anna Nemerovsky
Anna Nemerovsky
May 6th

The Pushkin Society in America and Russian Book Club at the Brooklyn Public Library at the Sheepshead Bay branch invite permanent members and guests to our monthly meeting at 12 p.m. The library is located at

2636 East 14th Street, Brooklyn.

You can contact the library at 718-368-1815 and 347-653-5563.

Events take place on the first Saturday of each month.

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