November 21st

at 7.00 pm we invite you to a concert dedicated to the memory of Olga Slavnina.

The program includes a performance by Vladimir Nuzov (poetry), as well as musical works by Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich, Mozart, Schubert.


Address: The DiMenna Center 450 W 37th St, New York, NY 10018

Tickets $30, members of the Pushkin Society $15.

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November 28th and December 5th

at 6.00 pm there will be a performance "The Tale of Fedot the Archer of a Daring Young Man" dedicated to the memory of Olga Slavnina. Based on the fairy tale by Leonid Filatov,

Olga created her director's version, which was enthusiastically received by the public in Russian-speaking New York. This time, the artists not only intend to pay tribute to the outstanding talent of their untimely departed inspirer, but also to try to continue the life of a performance that pleases children and adults, because without miracles we cannot overcome pain and loneliness.


Purchase tickets for $30 (in the upper right corner Buy Now). The ticket price includes a buffet table.


Do not forget to include the date when paying with PayPal.


Address: Pushkin Hall. 165 West 86 Street, New York, NY Floor 2.

After quarantine

Every Wednesday at 5.30 - the Green Lamp Club meeting in the library on Brighton.
Leading the club: Arkady Pyanin and Yuri Osterfeld.
Address: 16 Brighton 1st Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11235

Anna Nemerovsky
Anna Nemerovsky

Оn the second Saturday of each month тhe Pushkin Society in America and Russian Book Club at the Brooklyn Public Library at the Sheepshead Bay branch invite full members and guests to our monthly meeting at 3.00 p.m. The library is located at

2636 East 14th Street, Brooklyn.

You can contact the library: 718-368-1815 or 347-653-5563.

Every first Thursday of the month at 6.30 in the library on Roosevelt Island - literary and musical evenings.
Address: 524 Main St, New York, NY 10044

Tickets, donation, membership

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 Presidents of the Pushkin Society

1. Boris Brasol, founder    (1935 -1963)

2. Gregory Mesniaeff        (1963 -1967)

3. Semen Bogolubov         (1967 -1971)

4. Serge Woyciechowski   (1971 - 1973)

5. N. Baklanova-Bozhak   (1973 - 1995)   6. Catherine Lodyjensky   (1995 - 2009)

7. Victoria Kurchenko    (2009 - present)