July 21st

Lliterary and musical program "Pushkin in the context of American culture."
2.00 - The writer Natalya Asenkova tells in English and Russian about the biography of Alexander Pushkin and her novel "Against the Supporter", dedicated to the poet.
2.30 - presentation of the play about Pushkin by Jonathan Leaf Pushkin Play by Jonathan Leaf, which will be presented at the New York Theater Black Box Thearte from July 25 to August 25. Tickets for a play at a significant discount can be bought on our website.
3.00 - Concert of Russian romances and songs, including in Chinese and Korean, performed by Larisa Grabua.

A treat, exhibition of paintings and art miniatures from the archive of the society.
Free admission.

Address: BPL New Utrecht Branch, 1743 86th St, Brooklyn, NY 11214

July 25th


at 7 PM premiere of the season a new play "Pushkin", verse written by Jonathan Leaf (Directed by Christopher McElroen) examines the final two-years in the life of Russia’s most enduring poet, Alexander Pushkin.


Address: The Black Box Theater/ Sheen Center


18 Bleecker Street, New York, NY 10012


Ticket on our website upper right corner.



For members of society and friends discount on tickets (promotion code PUSHKIN)


The performance will run daily from July 25 to August 25. 




Anna Nemerovsky
Anna Nemerovsky
August 11th

The Pushkin Society in America and Russian Book Club at the Brooklyn Public Library at the Sheepshead Bay branch invite permanent members and guests to our monthly meeting at 3.00 p.m. The library is located at

2636 East 14th Street, Brooklyn.

You can contact the library: 718-368-1815 or 347-653-5563.

Events take place on the second Saturday of each month.

To buy tickets for the show cllick on the poster.

Tickets, membership, donation

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Presidents of the Pushkin Society

1. Boris Brasol, founder      (1935 -1963)

2. Gregory Mesniaeff          (1963 -1967)

3. Semen Bogolubov         (1967 -1971)

4. Serge Woyciechowski     (1971 - 1973)

5. Nadezhda Baklanova      (1973 - 1995)

6. Catherine Lodyjensky     (1995 - 2009)

7. Victoria Kurchenko     ( 2009 - present)