Elena Midlina, Victoria Kurchenko, Inna Grubmair
Elena Midlina, Victoria Kurchenko, Inna Grubmair

February 20

The Pushkin Society in America for the first time prepared an event for residents and visitors of Paris. Victoria Kurchenko conducted a tour around the Madeleine church, which largely reflects the history of France and is associated with refugees from Russia - representatives of the “philosophical ship” sent by the bolsheviks. Since 1924, even services in Russian were held here. After the tour we had the opportunity to tell new friends about our activities, in particular that it was from Paris that the spread of the Pushkin Committees around the globe began. Inna Grubmair, the official representative of the Society in Europe, introduced the guests to her book “Emigrants from Russia in Zagreb. Life and Fate ", over which they are with T.V. Pushkadia-Rybkina worked for more than five years. The award-winning publication includes numerous archival materials and valuable historical information. Elena Mindlina, singer and vocal teacher, shared with the guests the musical history of the Society: Rachmaninov and Ziloti, Kusevitsky, Prince A. Obolensky and many others performed in it. To everyone's pleasure, Elena sang fragments from classical works. In its free time, the Madeleine Temple is traditionally used as a concert hall.

The next day, discussions were held on upcoming joint projects at the representative office of Columbia University, in the bibliographic department of the French National Library and in the Globus bookstore.

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 Presidents of the Pushkin Society

1. Boris Brasol, founder    (1935 -1963)

2. Gregory Mesniaeff         (1963 -1967)

3. Semen Bogolubov         (1967 -1971)

4. Serge Woyciechowski   (1971 - 1973)

5. N. Baklanova-Bozhak   (1973 - 1995)   6. Catherine Lodyjensky   (1995 - 2009)

7. Victoria Kurchenko    (2009 - present)