Olga Rossales, Maxim Anikushin
Olga Rossales, Maxim Anikushin

October 12th

In one of the chamber halls of the American Opera (OPERA America Center), the Pushkin Society presented a concert based on the works of Bach, Beethoven, Chopin and Schumann. The performance of the works was supplemented by fragments of a musical lecture and reading poetry. Artists Maxim Anikushin (piano) and Olga Rossales (violin) gathered an audience of art experts, among the guests were professors from the New York Conservatory (The Juilliard School), opera singers and composers. The program was held in English, Russian and Spanish.

Nina Rumyantseva
Nina Rumyantseva

April 18th

A lecture entitled “Oscar Wilde and the Pushkin Society of America” was held at the Grand Central Library. For the first time in Russian and English, the archive materials related to the writing of the biography of O. Wilde, created by the founder of the Society, Boris Brazol, were presented to the public. Victoria Kurchenko and Nina Rumyantseva showed on the screen documents that for many years were in the personal archive of Brasol, namely his correspondence with Robert Sherard, Alfred Douglas and the writer's son Vivian Holland.

A great help in preparing the program was provided by Laura Stein, one of the managers of the library department, who put on display all the Wilde's literature stored in the funds. The theoretical part ended with a quiz and dramatized reading of the roles of Nightingale and the Rose by O. Wilde's fairy tale.

March 21st

In the Brooklyn Library on the 86th (New Utrecht Branch), a literary and musical evening was held in a warm atmosphere, accompanied by an exhibition of paintings. In the first part the writer, artist and journalist Anna-Nina Kovalenko spoke. The narrations of the author and her canvases made an indelible impression on the audience. Autobiographical essays lively conveyed the real and comic situations of Moscow and New York 1980-90s. Portraits of such legendary personalities as Anatoly Zverev, Konstantin Kuzminsky, Vyacheslav Zavalishin, who was also one of the brightest representatives of the Pushkin Society of America, were especially successful.

Svetlana Levina, Lyudmila Krivorutskaya
Svetlana Levina, Lyudmila Krivorutskaya
Anna-Nina Kovalenko
Anna-Nina Kovalenko

The second part was devoted to the history of the Russian romance. Lyudmila Krivorutskaya, singer and writer, together with pianist and accompanist Svetlana Levina presented the most famous melodies of the genre and introduced the audience to them. Romance songs sounded: "Red sundress", "Do not leave, stay with me", "Bells", as well as classic works of Beethoven, Oginsky and Chopin.

January 19th.

The first literary  tour dedicated to the masterpieces of Holland Golden Age painting took place in the Metropolitan Museum. After  the exposition provide by the historian and president of the Pushkin Society Victoria Kurchenko, the participants shared their impressions, discussed literary sources of some of the paintings by Frans Hals and Jan Steen, which depict folklore characters, read poems and exchanged comments.

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