December 16th.

In the premises of the ceramics gallery of Larisa Krasner, our art director, a Christmas evening was held with a lecture, a concert and a show of designer clothes. Stefan Mashkevich, historian and writer, spoke about how Christmas was celebrated in the old days, why the calendar changed and how the oral holiday tradition “lives” in modern culture. Veronica Kaninskaya, an opera singer, delighted the audience with a classical repertoire: “Musical illustrations to A.S. Pushkin’s story “The Snowstorm” by G.V. Sviridov, romances and compositions in English were performed. The audience sang along with Broadway hits and Ukrainian songs in chorus.

June 28th.

The evening of poetry and humor was opened by Elena Prozorova. In her opening speech, she touched on traditions: the fact that June has been associated with the name of Pushkin for decades, read several classical poems and spoke about academic discussions in Western Pushkin studies. Then, in the program part of the evening, the winners of Pushkin literary competitions Irina Aks, Alexander Dolinov and Sergei Kodes spoke in turn. Poems by poets can be found in numerous open publications in magazines, almanacs, and on social network pages. New books were bought and signed from the authors.

January 25th.

A literary evening dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of the poet Boris Chichibabin was held among friends, admirers of his talent and lovers of literature. Yuri Berdan, a poet, shared his memories of the Kharkov period of his life: he was a student of Boris Chichibabin and remembered well the creative atmosphere of those years. According to the announcement, a friend of the Chichibabin family, Inna Kogan, came to us for the evening, who brought and showed a handwritten notebook with poems by the poet, who had once entrusted her with keeping the texts in case of arrest and confiscation of property. All participants of the meeting read poetry, discussed sensitive topics.

The screen showed unpublished photographs from the personal archive of the widow of the outstanding writer Lilia Karas-Chichibabina, whom Viktoria Kurchenko met in Kharkov. The program was hosted by Elena Prozorova.

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